Creative Projects

Our designs are unique because they are our personal interpretation of our clients’ story, theme or concept which are close to their hearts. That gives meaning to everything we do. Here, we share with you the inspirations behind SOME OF our creations…

Project 1

Capel Manor Exposition

The brief was to create a design that was inspired by Haute Couture for a red carpet event. This was the finalised piece which took a team of three to hand-craft the design over a 2 day period.

Project 2

It’s Your Time

A unique centrepiece designed for a women’s dinner conference with the theme being “it’s your time”. The idea was based on the concept of women to arise in every aspect of their lives. We wanted to portray that women are fully equipped in life by the placement of a shoe as well as inner treasures women hold within them by having flowers within this shoe and finally, show their rise within the field, which was the moss base as shown in the image.

All 13 centrepieces we designed demonstrated empowerment amongst women, and this lead to an overwhelming standing ovation.

Project 3

Soar Like An Eagle

Soar Like An Eagle’ was the theme for the conference organized by Precious Gems Ministry. The floral designs for the lectern and the 12 centrepieces were an open brief which was an opportunity for us to utilise our creativity. It was important that the eagle figure was an integral part of the design. We placed height to create balance with the lectern which lead to coming up with the story of an eagle approaching a structure (the pedestal) in ruins (depicted by the moss) in an abandoned area which was demonstrated by the wild garden like design.

Project 4

Repositioned For Your Vision

We designed a stage floral display to interpret the theme of being ‘Repositioned For Your Vision’. The essence of the message was that, ‘unless we are positioned at the right place at the right time, chances are we will miss the goodness that is in store for us. In turn goodness always brings improvement and ascension.’

These 2 elements – position and ascension – became the story behind the design. We selected one type of flower to focus the attention on the placement and upwards movement of each Gerbera which were sprayed in gold to tie with the colour scheme. The speaker Min. Mark Hart used the display to illustrate a point he was making during his talk.

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